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Coporate Testimonials


Read some of the testimonials from some of our satisfied companies.



"Within our health program, we offer the services of Mr. Levitt’s Physiotherapy for our employees located in Wels and Marchtrenk. After a detailed assessment, Mr. Levitt tailors a personal goal-orientated treatment therapy. Due to him always explaining about their conditions and providing the necessary information to the patients, Mr. Levitt has gained many satisfied customers.


His flexible and reliable type has convinced us in such a way, that we will be continuing with his services for our employees for the forthcoming year." 

ING. Werner Mayer MBA  2015 

Umwelt und Sicherheit, SFK Qualität

Interview with an employee from Hotnews Trodat Magazine


How often were you go to the in-house Physio service of Paul Levitt?

About 10 times.

Were your expectations met?

My expectations of Physio with Paul more than met. I have been at Physio very often for treatment, for example with the GKKOÖ. I wanted for a long time to try another Physio treatment, as the treatments are connected with very much expenditure always with the GKKOÖ. Waiting times are very long, together with travel time is also long and one must often be there very early.

How were your expectations met?

Paul has taken the time to analysis and then recognised quickly what and where was causing my pain. He showed me clearly a simple, practical self-treatment for home, e.g. Triggerpointing and exercises. I can do them all and simply at home. Other therapists always showed me a lot exercises to do at home, which for me personally were not practical.

Will you use this in house Physio offer in the future?
Yes, at an instant. Apart from the positive effects of the treatments, it was also cheaper for me together with the company providing a flexible opportunity to make an appointment several weeks before. By the way, I had already organised a referral from the Orthopaedic Dr myself: thus the costs become even more cheaper.

Can you further-recommend the offer of Physio to your colleagues? Whole-heartedly yes. Paul offers also great extras: for example tapping. I can only also recommend it to everyone to really use the offer of Paul as part of the course of the company health program.

A.Dorner 2015



The treatment with Paul was my first experience of Physiotherapy.

At Trodat it is extremely practical to have this and if the possibility would not exist it would cause a lot time to take off, and I would probably still have neck pain today. Paul was very nice and very competent. His “magic hands” in combination with useful exercises and tips have helped me to minimise my suffering immensely.


 Paul. A 2016



I sometimes suffer from lower back pain (which is of muscular origin), a painful pull on the right exterior thigh (hip to knees) when lying, and an upper arm pain (muscular/tendon). The pain was apparent, however not enough that I would have organised Physiotherapy in the city.

Paul treated me, and showed me a few simple exercises, for the prevention and self-treatment. Among these are trigger pointing, which re-solves the pain with finger pressure on the painful point after a short time. Paul has specialised knowledge of this.

The treatments take place with us in the company. The time away from work was relatively short, so that after 35/40 minutes, I was  able to continue working again. A Physio appointment in the city would be more difficult and be under two hours .



 Michael E 2016


I saw Paul because of strong neck pain and a dead feeling in my small finger. After a very in depth initial assessment, the therapy started immediately. After 3 sessions the dead feeling in the finger had disappeared from his knowledge of the trigger pointing. I could do this at home, with also very good progressive exercises. After a total of 6 sessions, my neck pain was much less and it appears to me that in the near future it can be pain free again.

The possibility exists to arrange the therapy directly at work, as long as there is an area available. It is extremely useful, since one saves time and travelling.

 Emauel. G 2016


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